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About Pete Slade

Business, Technology, and Cybersecurity Expert

Pete Slade is the founder and CTO at ThreatWarrior. He is the visionary behind ThreatWarrior’s groundbreaking cyber defense platform, leading the company’s threat intelligence team and driving the research and development of ThreatWarrior.

Pete is a business leader, accomplished CTO, recognized cybersecurity visionary, and technologist with more than 30 years of experience in information technology, cybersecurity, behavioral analytics, and machine learning. Pete has designed and built systems for commercial and intelligence communities and is a regular public speaker on cyber defense, national security, AI, and entrepreneurship. Pete is also a patented inventor, a Fellow at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, a member of the Forbes Technology Council, and a congressional advisor on the topics of systems and infrastructure security.


As an accomplished business leader, Pete has received numerous accolades for his achievements, including guiding organizations to be named:

  • #248 on Inc. 500, Inc. Magazine

  • Best Places to Work, American City Business Journals

  • Blue Ribbon Award Winner, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

  • Regional Business Award Winner, Brighthouse Networks

  • Small Business of the Year, Regional Chamber of Commerce

  • Top Software Developers, American City Business Journals

  • Technology Company of the Year, Tampa Bay Technology Forum

  • Workplace Culture Program of the Year, Tampa Bay Technology Forum


  • Entrepreneurship

  • Workplace Culture

  • Cybersecurity

  • Network Security

  • Threat Intelligence

  • Current Events

  • Significant Threats and Breaches

  • Healthcare Technology

  • Government

  • Financial Services

  • Critical Infrastructure Security

  • Hackers and Hacking

  • Cybercrime

  • Security Awareness

  • Security Training

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

Pete Slade Speaking


  • Security Analyst (CSA)

  • Cloud Practitioner, AWS

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO)

  • Cyber Security Architect (CCSA)

  • Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Certified Ethical Hacker Logo
EC-Council Certified Security Analyst
Certified Chief Information Security Officer
Certified Cyber Security Architect


Pete shares his thoughts and the latest news in his blog. He has also been an author and contributor to many publications within both the public and private sector, including security, business and government technology, organizational leadership, current cyber events, and more. Some of those include:

Logo for the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT), a Cybersecurity Think Tank
Intelligance and National Security Alliance (INSA)
Patriot Member of Infragard
National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)
Pete Slade is a member of the Forbes Technology Council
Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)
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Austin, Texas

Pete grew up in the era of emerging computer technology and network interoperability. He was fascinated by computers and wanted to know everything about them – how to program them, control them, and gain access to them. This unwittingly began his career many years before leaving school.

Throughout his career, Pete learned different programming languages and techniques, quickly becoming the go-to person for difficult or challenging projects. As his knowledge of programming and computers grew, so too did his reputation for fixing complex technology problems.

Security has always been a passion for Pete; a place where he can make a difference. His infinite curiosity and affinity for solving tough problems have helped him become a thought leader and authority on cybersecurity with more than 30 years of industry experience.

He is now a patented inventor and has led numerous technical teams in the areas of product development and management, research and development, and business strategy. He advises chief information security officers, boards of directors and government officials on security practices and strategies to help manage the business risks associated with cybersecurity.

Pete was born in the United Kingdom and moved to the United States in 1995, eventually becoming a US Citizen. He has lived in Washington, D.C., Colorado, and Florida, and currently lives with his family in Austin, Texas. When he’s not designing and implementing security innovations, Pete enjoys reading and spending time with his wife and children.

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Greetings from Austin, Texas