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Business Bingo

We've all sat in meetings where we wished we had a bingo card for the phrases being thrown around. Here's one that captures many of the ones that I hear. Now, I'm not saying that I haven't (or don't) occasionally use one of these, but hopefully never enough that I am the main contributor to completing your bingo card.

Bingo card with lots of different business phrases and terminology

Sorry, I was on mute... Ok, I 100 percent agree. So bottom line, my take-aways are that we're going to circle back with Sue and loop in Terry, assuming he has the bandwidth, as we need a big picture guy involved. Let them know that going forward; we need them to step up to the plate and fast-track this because Becky now has this on the radar; they're leaning in and starting to open the Kimono. This opportunity could be a game-changer for us, and we're going to need to think outside the box; maybe Tiger-team it and come up with a holistic solution that takes advantage of low-hanging fruit. Nothing too crazy. It can't be a complete paradigm shift, as we need them to know that we're following best practices and staying within the guard rails. So, let's touch base next week. Thanks, everyone!

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